Don Alfonso Plascencia (RIP)

In 1951 began his own company where he decided to make comfortable and original shoes which were very much liked by children. The first brands of the once small but strong company were called "Rondina and Poupee" , but just as children grow, the company also evolved. Investing in technology, design and training, they innovated in their own styles. New brand was born "ELEFANTE" made specially for infants and for young teenagers.

A smile of satisfaction...

The main goal of CALZADO ELEFANTE is to see a smile and to get the complete satisfaction of the children when their parents buy our products.

Therefore, the team headed now by Mr. Alfonso's sons, Javier and Guillermo Plascencia, is always getting prepared and strives to ensure that every new design can overcome the present expectations of their young customers.

Innovation + good sense of design

We manufacture youth and children shoes in all its varieties, from the traditional school construction stitcher (sewn to the sole) to modern school lines.

We also produce casual shoes, sandals, boots and ballerinas, thus covering all the seasons, and all with a European influence always been at the forefront of design with the support of our Italian and Spanish designers who allow us to have a first-hand update of the latest market trends.

We have innovated in technology in order to make more comfortable shoes, such as, our anti-shock soles and flexible plants that give more comfort to our products.

Elefante worldwide

The success of CALZADO ELEFANTE, backed by the quality of each pair of shoes that goes outside the factory, goes beyond the Mexican territory. In the 70's we began exporting intermittently, taking the challenge to compete in the international markets.

We have worked with Timberland, MIA, GAP, Eddie Bower, LL Bean, in the United States, Minibel, Noel, and Buckle My Shoe in Europe, Bosi in Colombia, Coban in Guatemala, among others.

We are a company committed with the highest quality standards in all senses: materials, labor and service.

Fábrica de Calzado Plascencia S.A. de C.V.

Blvd Calzada Tepeyac 902 Colonia San Nicolás

C.P. 37480 León, Guanajuato, México.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: +52 (477) 712 64 62 EXT.111 MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM TO 2PM / 4PM TO 6:30PM